Surat 2021

Sikh Conference 



Ages 18-35

Registration  Full!


Surat '21

Given the ongoing Covid pandemic, our flagship program, the annual Surat Sikh Conference, will take place virtually February 12-13.

The theme of this year’s conference is Planting the Seed: Building Sangat and Solidarity Across Distance. We'll reflect on the lessons we've learned over the past year, including how to build and support social movements like black lives matter, the kisaan movement in India, and political movements in the United States. Using these lessons, and centering principles of Chardi Kala, Seva, and Sangat, we'll discuss concrete steps for movement-building around global issues in a post-pandemic world.


The Surat Conference is geared toward individuals who want to learn about Sikhi and create positive change, and the programs feature interactive workshops, guest speakers, and networking opportunities. Please note: the conference is limited to those 18-35 years old. 


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We look forward to seeing you there!

-The Surat Planning Team

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Compelling Workshops

Our workshops are carefully designed by our team and speakers  

to promote discussions of our Sangat's most pressing challenges.


Renowned Speakers

As always, we will be joined by world-class speakers

and change-makers to learn from their experiences and engage with them through dialogue and workshops. 



The Surat Network

Network and engage with inspiring youth and young professionals from across the world. Throughout the years, Surat has welcomed attendees from over 40 States, and over 10 countries. Our alumni routinely network for career and academic advice and have even furthered Surat's mission by creating Surat Projects.




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